How to trade Perpetual Futures on Evelyn

On Evelyn, you can now use our latest feature to trade Perpetual Futures ‼️

Step 1: Get USDC Testnet tokens

You will need to get some USDC Testnet tokens from our faucet.

The detailed guide can be found here.

Step 2: Go to Evelyn Perp Page

Step 3: Connect your wallet

Once connected, you can see the amount of USDC testnet tokens that you have received from the faucet.

Step 4: Deposit

You will need to deposit your USDC testnet tokens first before trading.

Click on “Deposit,” select your desired amount, and follow through with the confirmation steps.

Then you will see your deposit in the Available column.

Step 5: Go to Trade tab & Select your trading pairs with USDC

You can choose 3 trading pairs: FTM/USDC, ETH/USDC, or BTC/USDC.

Step 6: Choose your Long or Short Position

On Evelyn, the default leverage is set at 10x. Thus, your Buying Power (BP) will be 10 times your balance.

In this example, we will short FTM/USDC with 10% BP.

Step 7: Monitor your Position

The table below the trading chart shows your key information about your position, unrealized PnL, etc.

Step 8: Close your Position

Click Close Postion and confirm your transaction.

You can check your Market trades and Fills tabs to see your trade history.



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